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Below are a number of examples of web pages that could be included in your site. There are many more options for photo and video albums, maps and locations, blogs and newsletters, calendars, stores and catelogs, document viewing and integration with Google services.

Please click on the links to the left to read about these example pages.
Please review the examples below. These are just a few of the web pages that can be used to assure that you accomplish your goals with your website.
Examples of Pages
  1. Custom Calendar [+]
    Embedded Blog
  2. Embedded Google Calendar [+]
  3. Google Picasa Photo Album [+]
    This is a simple Google Blogger blog. It is embedded into the website using the website's format, thus providing an integrated appearance. WordPress blogs can also be embedded in the same way. The advantage of an embedded blog is that new entries are made directly into the blog using familiar word processing skills. The new post is then automatically displayed on the website.
  4. This calendar uses events in a Google Calendar. This is the same calendar and the same events as in the direct display of the Google Calendar in the next example. However, with this calendar we have much more control over how it displays and how well it integrates with our overall web design.
    This is a silly example of a store. The example is not actually matched (yet) with a merchant account. If it was, then you too could purchase an oil platform right here. Well, perhaps not.
  5. This is the same Google Calendar and the same sample event as in the previous example. However, the calendar displays using the Google built-in format. This has a few more features, such as the ability to display in more formats and with more selections. Compare the two to determine which would best suit your requirements.
    Maps and Locations
  6. This is the default display for a Google Picasa photo album. The advantage of this approach is that the albums themselves can be directly managed using the Picasa application on your Mac or Windows PC. This means that anyone in your organization who has photos can post them to the website without having to access the website directly. This makes keeping albums current fast and easy.
    Embedded Google Documents