How we design, develop and deliver for you

Our Tools and Our Process

Our first step is working with you to determine what you want to accomplish with your website and what resources you have available to realistically maintain the site. We then examine with you different approaches to developing a site that matches your goals and your resources.
We then present you with a website proposal is that is tailored to your goals and your resources

Training, Support and Ongoing Services

There are two basic approaches to maintaining an attractive and current website:

  • Working with you and your team we identify who will be responsible for content by area. We then carefully prepare documentation on how to maintain content and directly train the responsible team members on their skills. This works best when website maintenance is a major part of a team members responsibilities and website maintenance fits into their daily work.
  • We set up special e-mail accounts for your team members responsible for content. When team members have new postings, changes and updates they e-mail them to us and we immediately post them appropriately to the website. This works best when team members have many other responsibilities and thus learning and maintaining web skills would be difficult.
This is a process somewhat similar to learning to drive on the left side of the road. If you were to come to England every two weeks for two weeks, then we can easily train you to be a skilled and proficient righthand driver. However, if you are only going to be in England for a few days every six to eight weeks, then we will drive you when you visit.

Building and Maintaining a Strong Web Presence

Effective use of your website requires more than just the website itself. It also includes search engine optimization (SEO) and the appropriate use of metadata (hidden information about your site that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing and Ask use). It also means the careful integration of your site with other services that you may require, such as merchant accounts, order entry and order fulfillment systems, customer service and support systems, and partner and affiliate websites.