What we can do for you and your organization

Increase Market Size

Your website can be used to increase the size of your market in three ways:

  • A good website will make it much easier for people in your area to find out about your products, services, events and locations. People will come to your location who otherwise would not have known about you.
  • People will be able to keep up with your news and new opportunities with little or no expense on your part. They will use your web page to stay current on new services and products, events, specials, sales and celebrations.
  • A good website will reach worldwide. If your products or services can be provided outside of your region, then you will gain many more potential customers, members, partners and supporters.
Today, even for simple services like auto repairs and haircuts the first step is to look it up on-line. A good on-line presence will help assure that every person in need of your services will see and evaluate your ability to provide what they seek.

Expand Business Opportunities

Your website can extend your ability to reach your community by providing unique web based services:

  • On-line customer service and support
  • On-line catalogs and product order entry and order fulfillment
  • Instructions and documentation
  • Event calendars and schedules
  • On-line newsletters and alerts
  • Up-to-the minute status reports (like scores, product availability and schedule openings)
  • Direct access to partners and affilates (often these affiliate links have commission opportunities)

Improve Profitability While Reducing Marketing and Promotional Costs

A thoughfully developed and maintained website can reduce the cost of communicating with your market while also significantly improving your ability to customize your marketing messages to the requirements of each person in your community. Whereas mass market media must be generic in its appeal, a website can be tailored to the expectations of individuals.